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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

I received my copy yesterday and I watched EaF with a friend and fellow Trekker. I was gobsmacked and giddy with excitement. The episode looks fantastic, the detail is staggering, the picture quality is superb and it's easily the best BD release in a while.

Liitle has been said thusfar on the new soundmix. i compared it with the DVD mix (which was pretty good) and noticed some changes. The DTS mix of course has more clarity, deep LFE (especially in the musical score by McCarthy) and some great ambient sounds. The sounds of the geothermal energy mining in the Bandi city sound fantastic, something I never noticed before. The audience during the trail is now heard distinctly from all speakers. And of course the rumble of the Enterprise engines sounds superb. But I was a bit disappointed by the lack of directional sounds, like the Enterprise fly-overs in the opening credits. With the DVD mix you could clearly hear the Enterprise fly overhead. With the DTS mix I didn't get that.
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