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Re: Free DAZ Pro 3D Software through Feb. 29

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I use Daz3, and I heard a lot of folks having problems dealing with Daz4.

I'll stick to Daz3 ~hugs Daz3~.
D|S4 does have a different interface than D|S3, so it would definitely take some study and practice. Personally, I don't care for either interface - I'm a Poser user since v. 1, and love the current interface, which I think is far more intuitive and doesn't latch onto what I consider the rather generically-obtuse sort of interface that one sees in many 3D apps, as well as Photoshop and others, but many people prefer it the other way around, and in many cases, precisely because D|S is more similar to the bulk of graphic programs on the market. Hey, at least it's not as bad as Z-Brush!

But I'll still probably try to learn it, if only because I see a lot of potential in the DAZ figures and the capabilities of Genesis. If nothing else, the CR2 exporter means I can export the Genesis figures to Poser (not all the capabilities, such as weight mapping, will transfer, but it appears that the abiity to morph from one type of character to another can be preserved). And again: it's free, so the price is unbeatable!
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