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VOY Avatar Contest - Death Wish

Previously in the Star Trek: Voyager avatar contest....

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Alright, I'm callin' it!

And the winners are...

- Episode -


- Theme -


- Random -


Next contest is all your's to run, Misco! Congratulations!

Since the next episode is 'Death Wish', the theme will be "Q Continuum" - feel free to use any appearance by the Q in TNG, DS9 and VOY for your entries.

And the random theme, since Catwoman did so well, will be "Super Villians"!

Also, can someone 'round here upgrade the Golden Neelix trophy?
With Misco MIA lately, and my avatar comin' up second in the episode contest, I guess I'll go ahead & get the new one runnin'.

Our episode this time out will be 'Death Wish', where Janeway & Tuvok have a hearin' to determine if a Q had the right to die. And they get to visit the Continuum!!!

The theme contest will be "Q Continuum" - any Q from any TNG, DS9 or VOY appearance.

The random contest will be "Super Villians" - comics, tv, movies, any baddie who took on a superhero!

All entries have to conform to board rules - up to 150x150, and 140KB if animated.

Entries should be posted between now & Tuesday-ish, since that's my next day off from work. The deadline can be extended if necessary.

Good luck!

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