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Re: STO: are starship phasers worth a darn?

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Ive been a casual player of sto for awhile, never really got hardcore into the game. so alot of the acronyms and such on various message boards, I have no Idea what they mean. So, with that said, I see alot of people talking about cannon weapons and how much "dps" they do, but what about us cruiser lovers? I have a level 22 engineer flying an excelsior, right now I have 4 mk 6 phaser arrays and 2 mk 5 photorp launchers equipped, I'm wanting to maximize this ships offensive capabilities and still be able to last in a fight. I like the turning radius of this ship but do not want to give up my 360 degree coverage. I want it all I guess, haha. Also, I'm at a loss as how to pick consoles that best complement each other...any help would be appreciated...
Lets just say there are many ways to skin a cat. It ultimately boils down to which playstyle you prefer.

Cruisers have strong shields and decent all-round weaponry so the strategy that makes sense is the "Line of ships" approach that ancient mariners use. Broadside the enemy ship, let your phasers whittle down their shields while you counter or patch whatever little damage your ship takes. The pace is almost leisurely and rarely do you have to mash buttons rapidly.

Escorts on the other hand basically only have frontal weaponry (some do have limited aft weaponry) and very weak shields. The successful strategy in this case is to simply dash in quickly, launch a single powerful strike and that pray your little ship can withstand the enemy ship's fly swat. As everything depends on a single successful strike, you'll have to manage your weapons and defense systems simultaneously and you're mashing buttons like a ADHD junkie in every single fight just to keep your ship in one piece.
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