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Re: Does It Get Better???

Vis a Vis: An enjoyable, but flawed episode. The technology on the ship they found had the potential to get them home faster, but they completely ignored it. It's true that there were risks involved with this technology, but time, effort, and lots of research could have helped. It's unrealistic that they wouldn't at least attempt to find a way to integrate the technology into Voyager.
I was also bothered that the villain's motivation wasn't clear. We were never told what he/she/it wanted to accomplish.
Still, this episode had redeeming qualities. The actor who plays Tom Paris gave a terrific performance as usual. In particular, I really enjoyed the scenes with "possessed Tom."
A decent offering.

The Omega Directive: Another strong 7 of 9 episode, even if she wasn't the main focus for the entire episode. I loved all of the secrecy at the beginning. The Omega molecule was fascinating, and made for a really interesting plot device. This was definitely a high stakes episode. Once again 7 was reluctant to follow orders, which made for some good conflict between her and Janeway at a couple points in the episode. I also enjoyed the scene in the Borg Alcove where 7 gave designations to all of the crew members. Hearing Kim called 6 of 10 and then 2 of 10 was funny.
I was a little confused by Janeway. She claimed that she couldn't risk the lives of the crew in order to satisfy her own curiosity about Omega, and yet that is exactly what she does in almost every episode. A spacial anomaly appears, she immediately investigates, and in the process she almost gets her crew killed. Kind of hypocritical of her to say that if you ask me...
Still, overall this is a strong episode.
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