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Re: The highlights of Nemesis

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I didn't have a will they/won't they get back together backstory in mind, rather a will they kill off one of them or even both backstory in Nemesis that forces them even stronger together so they end up getting married. Touch on the plot point of All Good Things: Troi died in the future, and Riker blamed Worf for it. And Picard told them about it at the end of AGT. Yet that shadow never went away. And now Troi gets in real danger, and Worf saves the day.
The problem with that scenario is that Nemesis wasn't about Riker and Troi (or Worf, or Geordi, or Crusher). None of the four TNG movies were. They were all about Picard and Data, and Nemesis was no exception.

Now I'm not being an apologist for Nemesis. I thought it sucked. But to focus on plot points from AGT would have required a completely different take on this movie.

For the four TNG films, if you weren't Picard, Data, or the villain du jour, then you were just a bit player.
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