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Re: A (hopefully) interesting fanfic discussion topic!

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Hi all, just a little idea I've got half-formed that I'd like some input into with a view to writing a story - or even creating the groundwork for something others could contribute to if they wish.

The 'pitch' if you will is basically the Black Hills Gold Rush in space.

Deep in uncharted territory, six months beyond Federation space is a vast asteroid-field where a valuable material, dilithium or the equivalent is found in abundance. As word of this find spreads thousands of people on the lower-levels of society pack up and head out, hoping to make their fortunes by discovering a large deposit and claiming it.

Soon the asteroid field is filled with small ships prospecting, and settlements begin to emerge on the larger asteroids much like frontier towns like Deadwood - lawless places catering to the needs of all these people who are so far from their homes.

A spacegoing race also inhabits the region - a species analogous to the Sioux native Americans who object to this sudden influx of aliens into their territory but is largely powerless to stop or curtail it, other than small-scale sneak attacks or opportunistic raids.

At least to me this sounds like an interesting sandbox to tell stories, but I'd love everyone else to throw in their ideas if they have any!

This is a great idea.

Just a note on the aliens: The problem the Sioux had was twofold: the greater technological base western settlers could draw from and the military and economic power of an expansionist United States Government. Your native race wouldn't have these problems. If they're spacefaring, they already share at least technological parity with the settlers. Plus, the territory's location outside Federation space, the fact the settlers are effectively illegal emigrants and the Prime Directive all mean the Federation couldn't do much if the aliens attacked en masse and the settlers found themselves completely screwed.

That makes them a real threat. Hardly "powerless."
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