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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Seeing TNG restored, I actually prefer the sharper, more bold look of Farpoint and the first season when compared to the muted lighting of the later seasons... I don't know, in HD something about it just looks slicker and more feature film like. That being said, Farpoint still reeks of 80's cinematography with the odd camera angles and moves.
Yeah Farpoint definitely looks more cinematic, but I was still blown away by how sharp and colorful Sins of the Father looked as well. And with the better styling and costumes from that season, it makes the show suddenly look a lot more modern as well.

Other than the 4:3 format, there's hardly any hint that this is an episode that aired 22 years ago.

The concept and ideas behind it - putting humans on trial for the crimes of their civilization and a people who capture a space creature and force it into slavery are so "high-sci-fi" -- a kind of simple, yet evocative storytelling that doesn't really come around too often today.
Yeah it's a solid story idea, I think the problem is the episode was just too preoccupied with having to introduce all the new characters to really do it justice. Q's trial and the Farpoint mystery almost feel like an afterthought at times.
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