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Re: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey 2x01

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I loved house of Elliot, and would love to watch all the Onedin line but I have only caught parts of the odd episode on what was UK drama and yesterday.
I only saw Onedin Line in reruns too, but have managed to catch a pretty good percentage of it I think. The stories and relationships are engaging, and even the sets aren't all that rickety.

Funnily enough, it reminded me very strongly of Howard's Way, which I did see first-run. Don't know if you ever saw that; a modern-day drama (glorified soap, really, like all the series mentioned in this thread) set in the yachting world. Great series that, with a cracking theme tune, and so wonderfully redolent of the 1980s.

Given the distance from that era now, I suppose you could even call it a period drama now. Certainly the clothes qualify.
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