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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

^ You're one of the few who hasn't been enjoying Flash Thompson as Venom! It's Rick Remender as well! It's pacing has been touch and go at times, but I like Flash as the new host. It also sets up Flash learning of Peter's identity has been teased in previous issues and other appearances.

Venom #13: The Circle of Four arc starts off with a bang. This was probably the most craziest issue of the book so far. As Captain Craig stated it features Ghost Rider (Lady Ghost Rider too I assume), Red Hulk, Venom, and X-23. Each have their own reasons for being in Vegas. One of the most interesting aspects that Remender has introduced in this book is the old concept that the Venom symbiont slowly corrupts it's host if they're a good person. The last time we really saw this was when it was first introduced and was starting to bond with Peter. Flash has been fighting it, trying to control, but his drinking and personal stress has started to take it's toll on him. General Ross of course is Red Hulk and been sent to bring back the symbiont that Thompson stole...errr borrowed a couple issues ago. There were some humorous moments in the issue. Especially between Flash and Thunderbolt! "I'm a General, you're a Corporal." being one of them. The art is fantastic in this book and perfect for the tone set.

Defenders #3: Yeah...I can see myself dropping this book, it's dropped off quite significantly from the first two issues. The little teaser adds at the end of the pages are quite annoying as well. The art is good as it always usually is from the Dodsons. I don't know. I might stick with this one more issue...or at least until the end of the arc.
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