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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread


Encounter at farpoint is SO much more watchable now that it's been properly color corrected.

I was one that never bought Season 1 on DVD because I didn't like how it looked and having more than a few dud episodes. I will be getting the blu-ray for sure!

The enterprise 6 footer looks amazing! during the saucer sep you can see a bit of grime on the model from the rear neck view medium shot as well as the aft torpedo firing shot...awesome!!!

One thing I'm looking forward to like many others are the new details.

I was just watching Sins of the father and noticed for the first time, when they all sit down to eat, Kern picks up a rosebud, plucks and eats one of the petals!! Almost blew my coffee all over the living room I laughed so hard.

something I don't care for are the "rainbow" stretch stars during the coming out of warp shots.
they just look odd and think they would look better white, but oh well. I always thought it was composite video noise that caused it on the dvd and broadcasts...just a small nitpick.

and speaking of composite video noise, it's nice to see the deflector dish sharp and clean without any of that fuzz.
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