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Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now

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A lot of other bands are experimenting with something similar, like Within Temptations "Unforgiven", trying to have an overall cinematic/storyarc to the songs. Imaginaerium does it very well, but then I've always liked Anette, never got all the hate for her.
I keep meaning to go and check out Within Temptation, but I always keep forgetting. I have listened to one of their songs, 'Faster' I think, but I can't remember how it goes at all. I really think I'd like them as well. I'm always up for female-fronted bands in general.
Also, I prefer Anette to Tarka, I think, simply based on the material I've heard from both of them. I don't know too much about the circumstances of the 'hate', either.

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Stick with it, it's a great album.
He will, I'll make sure of that (I introduced it to him - cheekily taking credit here ). Love 'Turn Loose The Mermaids', I've been introducing it to friends who aren't big fans of Nightwish and they really like it, so job done for me. Shows a great emotional side to them.

But Imaginaerum as a whole has a much more cinematic (obviously) feel than Once and Dark Passion Play and I really appreciate that. It's probably become my favourite of the three (them being the only three I have)
You should get End Of An Era. It presents some of the older songs in a more powerful way than they were done originally.

I'm looking forward to the movie itself. Should be interesting.
Will look out for that, thanks. I was planning to delve into the earlier stuff at some point, that could be a good way.

I don't think I'd have been interested in the movie otherwise , but now it's one of the ones I'm looking most forward to seeing this year. Probably just to see how they use Nightwish in it, but it doesn't sound a bad storyline.

On a completely different note...
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