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Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now

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(I introduced it to him - cheekily taking credit here ).
I didn't lie. I just left out a few facts- namely, you.

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I've had it for about a month, and I've recently started to listen to a few of the tracks. I've really got into "Storytime", "Turn Loose The Mermaids" and "The Crow, The Owl And The Dove". Will try to listen to more soon.
Stick with it, it's a great album.
I will- I've also got "Once" and "Dark Passion Play", but I'm listening through "Imaginaerum" first. As it happens I know one of their older songs rather well- "The End Of All Hope". I didn't like that one much, so I ignored Nightwish from then on. Glad Eyes found the albums.

At the moment...
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