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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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On a serious point though, I think its too late for an X4 to happen. It won't be made while they're still doing the "prequel trilogy" which will end when? Let's say 2013-14 for Second Class? 2017 for Third Class.

So after that? 2020?

Way too much time will have passed for the original actors to reprise their roles effectively. Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan would be nearly 80, Shawn Ashmore 40ish, Famke Janssen 50ish, Hugh Jackman 50+ etc. It won't happen.

Unless they recast them all, and in that case what's the point, you may as well just 100% reboot it all
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I said back early in this thread that we might get an announcement on a X4 sometime this year...but now that a sequel has been confirmed for First Class, maybe they're finally putting it on hold or not considering it any more.
I've thought so for a while now. And as you say, the fact that they're moving ahead with a sequel to FC seems to confirm it.
I didn't get the impression from earlier interviews that the projects were considered mutually exclusive.
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