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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Chris3123 wrote: View Post

Talking plush toys - TARDIS, Daleks, Doctor, Cybermen, Silent, etc.
Ok, a talking plush Judoon. How cool is that? And the plush talking Sexy? That's gonna be awesome too!

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Chris3123 wrote: View Post
Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver - What I can see of the package doesn't give any info on what's so special about this screwdriver. From the name I suppose its effects can traverse time. Or something.
It says on the packaging that (in addition to the Personal TARDIS device), it's compatible with the Personal Sonic Screwdriver set. Makes me think that its parts can be combined with that earlier set to create even more new sonics.
I'll own that one too. I love my PSS, it's awesome.

I have the 9/10, 11, and PSS ... Eventually, I'll get the others. Oh, and for those who are having a hard time finding the 9/10 with blue light, has it for 20 bucks.
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