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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Last night I read:
Punisher #8 - I continue to enjoy Rucka's run on this title. He's taken Frank back to more of a strategist and by using the Detectives involved created a type of crime Noir. I also found it interesting that on Frank's laptop he files for Call of Duty-esque games and one labeled Superheroine Upskirts.

Venom #13 - I only got this for the Circle of Four storyline that features Ghost Rider(Alejandra). I doubt that'll reflect in the sales data properly but oh, well. I liked how the narrative for Alejandra and Blaze picks right up out of Ghost Rider #8(seemingly the last issue of that title). Alejandra has broken away from Adam who used her and is begrudgingly taken up with Blaze who wants to mentor her in how to be Ghost Rider. This is what the first 8 issues of the series set up and the dynamic as seen here would've been fun to see. To Alejandra, a young 19yr old, Blaze is a washed up 40yr old ex-Sprit of Vengeance and not sure what he can show her. A different dynamic than when he and Ketch were together, that was more brotherly. This would be more Fatherly and since her last "Father", Adam, used her the psychology elements at play are something I was looking forward to but alas shortsighted GR fans bailed on the book and it's over.

But back to the Circle of Four story. Blackheart is attempting to raise Hell into the same plane of Earth. He needs something from Venom, Red Hulk and X-23 along with the power of a Spirit of Vengeance to power the mechanism to complete the spell. Blaze tries to caution Alejandra into not rushing into the situation to confront Blackheart cause A)she isn't ready for that yet solo B)they don't know what is exactly going on at that point. Like an impetulant daughter she rushes in anyway, and triggers the mechanism that begins to unite Hell onto Earth.

This story in Venom runs every week in Feb so seeing as how GR is going to have lots to do I look forward to it. I also like Red Hulk so should be fun. I dropped Venom after #3 cause I just wasn't buying Flash Thompson, soldier as Venom. This arc though as Ghost Rider in a main role so ++
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