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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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Speaking of fleet chat, I must play at all the wrong times because no one is ever there. I always feel so alone.
Its the same for me too!
We have always had fluctuations depending on content.
I can promise that the fleet will have a few busy days with the event and the next weeks shouldn't be much worse while the Dominion Series is running.
So definitely a good time to log in, team up with your fleet mates, get to know them a bit better.

In my experience the social contacts are the most important part for the content light phases later to keep the game interesting.
Being a good team mate and friend in the fleet will encourage others to log in more.
If everybody picks up this attitude you will at least at prime time see a pretty busy roster.

We are still a bit Europe heavy, so between 7pm and 23pm middle european time should be the most people online.
That would be more afternoon for East Coasters...

I am not sure if we get a second peak time among US members since I am soundly asleep 4-5 hours later.

And of course weekends are always a bit busier.

Most members should have basic event privileges.

If you roughly know when you log in and what you are going to do in a broad sense just post it there.
Other people can then check your schedule and arrange their own online times accordingly and coordinate better with you.

We have teh tool, utilize it if it helps to strengthen our community.
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