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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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One of my daughter's characters is a Vulcan sci/doctor. She's intergrated that character into some of her projects at school.
Interesting. Did she write an RP story about her or something?


She had to invent a new language and used the Vulcan in the backstory about finding the language in a temple on a planet they were exploring. On another project, she had to write several stories and the Vulcan was in one of them. The character is kind of her alterego from our Star Trek club. Thanks for asking.

My alterego is spread between two of my characters: Jho'dig (engr) and Doc Lee (sci). On one of the Star Trek "which character are you" test, I scored as a cross between Scotty and Spock. All other chars were created to test something and to my knowledge don't reflect my real character (or if they are, it's a much smaller part). Having said that though, I recently created a character to look like me for the thread that Methos started. Was considering deleting it, but might build it up to be me in cyberspace. Who knows.

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