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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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All I want to see is what the original team originally intended but was unable to show because of budget reasons.
That's George Lucas talking, as well as Steven Spielberg before he realized how ridiculous that is. The thing is, more tech doesn't make things better. TOS-R looks terrible. It's not better than any other fanish, amateur stuff on YouTube.

You also have this odd idea about "original intention". Everything has an original intention. Who's intention are you going to go back to? The writers? The director? The FX guy? The compositer? When you make a building the thing in the architect's head is different than what he draws and what the engineers, planning commission, and general public allow to get made. Original intention is nonsense. What appears is built from ingenuity, skill, imagination, and love. I doubt anyone on the TNG crew walked away day after day seriously thinking "if only!". They would commit suicide if their lives were that bleak.

If you're not into HD, that's fine. Don't buy the set. Your DVD's are great. This is a wonderful excuse for you to not spend anymore. For a lot of people, just like anyone who bought 2001 on tape, DVD, and finally BR increase in quality is plenty enough reason to pick up a set.
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