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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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...and, it has been pointed out many times already, the process for TOS:R was vastly different to what is being done for TNG:HD.
TOS-R was hotrodded.
Yup, and I didn't buy it because the work lacked proper direction. The work jumped in both quality and style from episode to episode. If the original TNG masters for all of the effects were lost, like they were for TOS, I would accept CGI replacement....however if the quality was of TOSR quality, I would pass on buying it.

For the record, if Daren Doctorman had been involved in TOSR, it would have been a far more visually cohesive project. He knows how to get the TOS look with CGI...just like he and his team were able to replicate the filmed footage for STMP DE.
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