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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Seeds of Doom set, with the Fourth Doctor and a Krynoid. (How many packs include the Fourth Doctor now? I've lost count. )

Sound FX Daleks - Ok, this is pretty cool. Basically your regular 5-inch scale Dalek figures, just with sound. A variety of Dalek models to choose from, too.

Talking plush toys - TARDIS, Daleks, Doctor, Cybermen, Silent, etc.

And then there's three new role playing items that are not actually based on anything in the show ... well, at least not from anything that's aired already. Peeks into Series 7, or just creative license on Character's part? Hmm...

Personal TARDIS - Basically a TARDIS you wear on your arm. Sounds like a Vortex Manipulator ripoff to me.

Dalek/Cyberman Anti Time Device - According to the box, this weapon salvaged from Dalek and Cybermen technology can "wipe your enemies from time".

Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver - What I can see of the package doesn't give any info on what's so special about this screwdriver. From the name I suppose its effects can traverse time. Or something.
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