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Free DAZ Pro 3D Software - STILL AVAILABLE!!

Nope, this isn't a spam thread - this is just an incredible deal for anyone here who wants to get involved in 3D and doesn't have a bottomless well of cash.

Starting today and through Feb. 29. 2012, DAZ 3D is offering their top 3D packages, a combined value of over $800, for free . There are no strings (other than maybe asking you to subscribe to their newsletter, which isn't a bad thing and they don't overdo it, like some companies ), and these free products are even eligible for future upgrade pricing, so it's just like buying them, without all the financial pain .

DAZ 3D is offering the following 3D products for free:

DAZ Studio 4 Pro (Including Genesis, winner of 3D World’s 2011 Software Innovation of the Year Award) : Retail $429.95

Bryce 7 Pro 3D Landscape and Animation Software: Retail $249.95

Hexagon 2.5 3D Modeling Software: Retail $149.95

3D Photoshop Bridge: Retail $199.00 (Included with DAZ Studio 4 Pro)
Hexagon is a full-featured 3D modeling program, with excellent tools and documentation; if you want to model starships or Starfleet officers, you can do it here. It's not 3D Studio or Maya, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper (even when it's full price!)

Bryce 7 Pro is a full-tilt environmental modeler, again with many great tools and full documentation. Alien worlds are just a few clicks away!

And finally, DAZ Studio 4 Pro is DAZ's fully-featured competitor to Poser; not only does it have a full complement of built-in tools, it also comes with several additional utilities that allow it to interact with Bryce, so you can export your scenes to use its more-advanced world-building and rendering tools (although D|S has some outstanding rendering tools available right now, as well); it also has utilities for creating your own characters, and even for exporting them to Poser as fully-functioning Poser characters. The Pro version even includes a utility to move items into Z-Brush for custom morphing, and then reimport them into D|S for additional posing and rendering.

BTW, the "Genesis" figure is their one-size-fits-all (literally!) character, which, with one base figure, can be man, woman, child, troll, gorilla, and many other figure types, and with their Auto-Fit tool (which may not be included in the free set - I haven't installed mine, yet! ), any item of clothing for previous generations of DAZ figures can be fit to Genesis, and any clothing item that fits the base Genesis figure automatically fits any character that you morph it into! So if you have a Starfleet uniform that fits Captain Kirk, it'll fit the Giant Troll, or little Lt. M'Ress (awww, won't Kirk look cute in her little mini-dress? ).

One of the barriers to many here on the TrekBBS Fan Art forum, as far as getting into 3D, is the cost. Now, with this limited-time deal, you've got a chance to break into 3D modeling, figure-creation and professional-quality rendering and even animation, for free, and there's a good and very large DAZ community, as well as the established Poser community, that can offer an incredible amount of experience and expertise to help you out. It's a good thing this is a leap year - you get a whole extra day to download the programs! - and even if you have no use for them today, or this month, deals like this rarely come around (maybe a year or two down the road, when the companies have gone to the next version or two of the software, and may or may not not even support the version they're giving away for free in the 3D magazines). This is DAZ's latest and greatest stuff - a deal you can't beat with a lirpa!
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