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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

This week--

Winter Soldier #1-- Pure awesome! This book is gong to be fun ride.

Avengers Academy #25-- This continues to be the book that I look forward and enjoy the most each month. The expanded cast hasn't shifted the focus away from the original class, whom have all become very interesting characters.

I loved the two-page spread promoting the up-coming guest-spot by The Runaways. All of the match-ups shown made a certain amount of sense-- Lightspeed vs Karolina, two speedsters have shared page-time (and sparks!) in the past. Stryker vs Victor (Hank Pym's grandson!), both with electrical based powers. Chase with Old Lace (Wasn't she killed off?) vs Reptyl, both have the dino-thing going. Mettle vs. Molly, two powerhouses (The ad is actually in every Marvel book this week. Check out Mettle's eyes as Molly is decking him). and Hazmat vs. Nico, who actually have nothing in common power-wise (but are both hot asian chicks ).

Uncanny X-Men #6-- I'm loving the Tabula Rasa storyline (Which spun out from the "Dark Angel Saga" over in X-Force). The Tabula Rasa is an interesting idea-- sort of the Savage Land in reverse, with the area and it's inhabitants, flora, fauna and fish being millions of years more advanced than that of the surounding area.

Avengers: X-Sanction #3-- This title, frankly, is really not setting my world on fire. I'm buying it because of it's relevence to the upcoming AvX event, but was hoping there would be more to it. Of course, there is still one more issue to go. I did enjoy the Summers family reunion, and thought that it was an interesting choice to have Cyclops and Wolverine meet up for the first time since Schism in this book rather than an X-Book.

Defenders #3-- Is it just me, or did this book start strong and go nowhere fast?
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