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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

In terms of criticism, I don't really have anything to add that hasn't been said before. Yup, the opening shot of Sins is odd with the moving starfield but the absence of any perspective change on the ships. And yeah, the energy beam shot in Encounter stands out as terrible. I hope we'll see improved versions of both in the full season set. But if not, I can forgive that, too.

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You and I had briefly 'talked' about doing a poll/polls Sho, which I'm still interested in. In fact, I've learned that a Pre-Poll thread can help, since the original poster can leave out/forget to include certain things. Feel free to message me if you'd prefer.
There's a bunch of questions we have to find answers to for the "poll project":
  • Do we care to fashion the polls in such a way that I can extract the data for a page like the one I made for the TrekLit reviews?
  • Because if so, we need per-episode polls, which requires per-episode threads. Which begs the question whether it's too late now that we have this thread for the entire sampler. And later, when full season sets arrive, what are we going to do then - open 22/26 threads at once? Hrm.
  • What do we want the polls to be about? They have to pose a clearly defined question, not something vague enough to fit both "how did you like the ep?" and "how well do you think it was remastered?".
  • The poll question and response options also should be fashioned in a way that allows comparisions between threads.
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