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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Really, Star Trek is my comfort food
Right on. There's not another show close for me that matches that 'feeling' I get from TNG. Talking about the negatives of this new release makes for better conversation in some ways, but I was tempted to post something a few minutes ago to just say how damned grateful I am that TNGR even happened. I've been reading the original TNGR thread and was reminded in a post by Tosk about what a far-fetched improbability this seemed several years ago.

You and I had briefly 'talked' about doing a poll/polls Sho, which I'm still interested in. In fact, I've learned that a Pre-Poll thread can help, since the original poster can leave out/forget to include certain things. Feel free to message me if you'd prefer.
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