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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Star Trek, a show about humanity exploring strange new worlds and civilisations, the quest to explore something new.

It turns out its fans don't want anything new at all, just the same worlds and civilisations with a bit of polish, neatly packaged.
That's kind of the point of restoring the show from the original negatives.

New worlds and civilizations? I would love to see they should make a new show. Maybe they should re-edit the episodes, dub over the lines and change the stories too so we're not bored?

Plenty of that going around already:

I'm interested in the show being restored, not hotrodded.

My point was I don't see why they didn't do a remastering release in the same way they did with the improved TOS release, you would still get exactly what you're getting now but those who do want something new for their money will get what they want too and CBS will get more sales out of it in the long run.
...and, it has been pointed out many times already, the process for TOS:R was vastly different to what is being done for TNG:HD.

The TOS episodes were "finished" edits. NO 'raw' effects elements existed. The original effects elements for TOS were long lost. All they could do was scan the finished edit and try to clean it up slightly. Since the same film shots were used over and over in TOS, eventually the shots were in such bad shape that by the end of the series they were scratched to heck. There was no way they could use those for HD. They had no choice but to CGI the entire run of effects. If the non-composited effects had existed, they could have done the exact same thing they're doing now. Scan all of the raw elements, recomposit them with modern compositing techniques and use modern software to enhance the lighting...etc. They could even have replaced the old planets with nicer looking ones like they're doing with TNG....but, we would have had the original model work...only better.

TNG:HD is a different matter. The finished edits of each episode only exist on low resolution video tape. So, they have to drag all of the film canisters up from the salt mine storage facility. Scan the negatives, re-cut EVERY episode to match how they were edited 25 years ago. Loop all of the dialogue and music, then finally recomposit the filmed visual elements and finally re-create any of the effects that were CGI. Essentially, the show is in post production again 25 years later. To expect them to create both a CGI enhanced version on top of what they're already doing is pretty unrealistic. If they were to CGI everything as you would like them to do, then all they would have the resources to give us would be a seamless branch to the original effects, upconverted from the old video tapes, and that would look like ass. They have a group of 20 people split into 3 teams working 8 hour shifts around the clock to get two seasons finished a year. It's a huge effort.

The not wanting to see anything new smacks of old people being typically hesitant towards change, particularly when a lot of the time what you want to preserve is errors and budget/time constraints getting in the way of the producers and writers TRUE intentions.
Well, that's pretty insulting to me personally and completely untrue.

I embrace change when and where it matters most. I simply don't have any interest in replacing the effects in a 25 year old television show, especially when the original film negatives exist and can be recomposited to look better than they ever could have 25 years ago.
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