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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

I just watched "The Inner Light" and some of you must be watching this BD on an old console TV hooked up to your BD-Player through those old screw-in type connectors. I so no problems with the film-grain in this episode it looked perfect. Hell it almost looked too clear and perfect as the old-age makeup and appliances on Patrick Stewart didn't hold up very well to the high resolution.
I'm watching mine on a Samsung 51" Plasma with a Panasonic Blu-ray Player that are both less than 6 months old and both have the latest firmware. The two devices are connected with a v1.4 certified HDMI cable.

I also tested it on my PC, which has a Core i7 Processor, an ATI 5970 card hooked up to an LG 23" LCD via DVI cable, and an LG Blu-ray burner with the latest firmware.
I notice the same thing on the PC as well. It's clearly the film transfer, because in special FX scenes there is zero grain, and it's actually quite jarring to switch between the two.
Surprisingly, Encounter at Farpoint is the episode that suffers the least from this problem.
I also wanted to mention how incredibly lucky we are that CBS is doing this project, not many tv shows get this treatment. I am going to try to locate the perfect person at CBS to direct THANK YOU emails to, and I think we should make our appreciation known.
Even if it's not exactly what I was hoping for, I'll take what I can get
Can't disagree with your disagreement more....
I've already paid for that once, thanks.
Just because they've wiped the figurative vasoline off the lens doesn't justify them charging me for the exact same product again.

I don't know why they couldn't have done what they did with the TOSR DVD, a double disc edition, one DVD with the original cut as we're getting now, in HD for the purists and a second remastered DVD that changes what needs to be changed, more than just the same stock shot 40 times an episode, adding ships, removing mistakes, tarting up the thing so it is doing something worthy of 21st century viewing technology.
That would have worked for me beautifully. I wanted to see what the writers/producers intended, NOT the same old shots that were done on a limited budget, but redone in HD.
This reminds me of some of those older games (like Halo) that were never meant to be played at 1920x1080, but with hacked ini files you can force it. While it improves the jaggies a little, it's still easy to tell how the low res textures are being stretched to the higher resolution, and still looks dated. This is somewhat the feeling I get when watching these remastered episodes.
Is this desire to "fix" stuff a Trekkie thing? Are there blu-ray forums filled with people wanting Alien or Total Recall or Tron fixed up? Special Editions don't really seem to fly. The Star Wars fans seem to get that now. ET 2002 won't even be on the new BR disc. When I personally watch a BR movie or see it again in the theater I'm doing it because I want to see what I've been seeing in SD in a sharper form. I don't want to see something new. If I wanted to see something new I'd watch a new movie. Does that make any sense?
I don't get this line of thinking. If there is nothing to "fix" then why bother? Most people can watch their DVD's upscaled and be happy. I was showing my dad the different in quality of my EaF episode on my old DVD's as compared to the new remastered one. While the first impression we both got was how much crisper it looked, after the first 15-20 mins it wears out, and doesn't seem like a huge reason to spend $100+ for season sets that we already have. We have the TOS HD because we never bought the originals before, only knew them from watching them on TV, and there is SO much changed in them that the purchase was totally worth it. I'm not so sure about TNG if I base it on what I've seen here in these episodes.
Star Trek, a show about humanity exploring strange new worlds and civilisations, the quest to explore something new.
It turns out its fans don't want anything new at all, just the same worlds and civilisations with a bit of polish, neatly packaged.
I don't doubt once all the spinoff series are out then the producers will set to work with a proper (whatever the format by then) CGI (whatever the resolution by that time ) remastering in another attempt to get us to pay a lot of money for the same thing.
My point was I don't see why they didn't do a remastering release in the same way they did with the improved TOS release, you would still get exactly what you're getting now but those who do want something new for their money will get what they want too and CBS will get more sales out of it in the long run.
They'll do it eventually, mark my words, but it won't be a great artistic endeavour just as this isn't a great restoration endeavour, its just yet another way for them to get your money into their pockets, for which they'll do the bare minimum possible.
This is unfortunately the feeling I'm getting as well. They went ahead and CGI enhanced the Jellyfish, and the particle beams, and practically every effect. Why could they give us a little more where the scene just doesn't work as well. It doesn't have to be every episode either, just the ones where they *clearly* wanted to do an action shot but the budget didn't allow it.
I seriously hope Yesterday's Enterprise isn't the same awful static shot of the Enterprise firing one phaser beam at the Klingons. I hope they do a bit more. I hope redemption shows more than 3 of the 30 ships heading off to the blockade. But I get the feeling this is exactly what's going to happen
This is a really weird argument. Why not then change the costumes? The actors? Redesign the ship if you want something new? Write new scripts? At this point why don't you just make a new show?
I like new stuff. I watch new series all the time. But when I want to watch TNG I want to watch TNG, just like I want to watch any other movie I've already seen.
All I want to see is what the original team originally intended but was unable to show because of budget reasons. I'm sure in Tin Man, the explosion of the Romulan ship was meant to look far more impacting than what basically looks like a 2ft model being blown up (the quivering of the ship always makes me laugh because it looks like it's taking a shit and struggling for it to come out). I'm sure the "evasive maneuvers" in The Survivors were meant to be more elaborate than the ship slowly doing a 180. Etc etc.
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