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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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I can't get my head around the attitude some people have toward the show in terms of 'replacing this or that' because I've seen it all already. So what? If you don't want to see it again don't buy the HD set. I've seen all the episodes too, but I've never seen them like this and it felt like seeing the show for the first time all over again.

The original effects are beautiful, and they honestly didn't get a chance to truly shine over the last 25 years. Season 3 was the only set I ever bought of the DVD release, so I fired up Sins of the father today and immediately after watched the new HD version. It's like seeing a totally different show.

If someone decides to go and revise all of the effects after all these sets have been released, then so be it, but I want to see the show as it was filmed and in it's original form. No TOSR revisionism thank you. The show is what it is.

If I want to see new effects, I'll find a new show to watch.
Star Trek, a show about humanity exploring strange new worlds and civilisations, the quest to explore something new.

It turns out its fans don't want anything new at all, just the same worlds and civilisations with a bit of polish, neatly packaged.

I don't doubt once all the spinoff series are out then the producers will set to work with a proper (whatever the format by then) CGI (whatever the resolution by that time ) remastering in another attempt to get us to pay a lot of money for the same thing.

My point was I don't see why they didn't do a remastering release in the same way they did with the improved TOS release, you would still get exactly what you're getting now but those who do want something new for their money will get what they want too and CBS will get more sales out of it in the long run.

They'll do it eventually, mark my words, but it won't be a great artistic endeavour just as this isn't a great restoration endeavour, its just yet another way for them to get your money into their pockets, for which they'll do the bare minimum possible.

The not wanting to see anything new smacks of old people being typically hesitant towards change, particularly when a lot of the time what you want to preserve is errors and budget/time constraints getting in the way of the producers and writers TRUE intentions.
The proposed project YOU are talking about would cost twice as much or more to produce. The only reason they did TOS-R that way was because the classic vfx negatives didn't hold up to the HD transfer, and they didn't have the uncomposited masters.

Sorry but those are the facts. Would I like some new fx shots in TNG-R.... YES.... will there be some.... YES.
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