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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Vanishing Point 1971
Nihilistic existentialist classic with a man only known as Kowalski, a supercharged white Challenger, a fistful of uppers and an ill-advised bet to San Francisco in an impossible amount of time. This is like ST:TMP which I recently watched, where you just have to sit back and let it wash over you. Lots of desert, lots of wild driving, a blind DJ named Supersoul chronicling the journey, a naked woman riding a motorcycle, and so on and along the way hints of the failed life that brought Kowalski to this point. Nothing is really fully explained, and it's open for interpretation, I'm not even sure if it's all real, so it's probably different for everyone.

Now I need to go watch Two Lane Blacktop again...

This sums it up nicely

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