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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Finished EaF and SotF last night. Man, I watched the EaF in my bedroom when I was a kid. It was really enjoyable seeing it again and realized all of the finer points I was oblivious too as a kid.

Man, that episode is clunky as hell, but totally endearing. I honestly enjoyed seeing every scene. Great memories. And it only gets better from here. This makes me wonder, will those not in their 30s get into this and buy it, or will the sales be largely based on nostalgic value for those of us who grew up with it?

Technical stuff:
- I'm fine with the new digital matte in SotF, except for those moving stars. Either make it a static shot or move the ships also. Having one active plane is jarring.

- I never realized how different the lighting was in S1. It's an interesting departure from what we saw in the later seasons. Again, good stuff.

- You can definitely tell the E-D is a model in some of the flybys, due to irregular window shapes and the paint job, but it's fine. It only pulls it out if you want it to. If you turn off the critical part of your brain, it's beautiful.

- They definitely improved the sound design in the later seasons, as the 'soundstage-ness' disappears compared to EaF.

I'm on the fence regarding the use of CG vs. original elements. I appreciate the original effects, but I've grown up in 25 years and am slightly spoiled by the higher quality we see in this age. I can't say I'd be disappointed to see some of the shots replaced with CG if done tastefully. I haven't seen the CG ship in Inner Light yet.

Can't wait for season 1.
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