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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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When the Enterprise fires aft torpedoes, it looks painfully like a model. Here, CG would've been an improvement in mine eyes. I'll finish up the episode tonight. Overall, I have to say I much enjoy the HD over the SD, but I wish they would take a TOS-R view and make improvements when you can to enhance the suspension of disbelief (makeup flaws, FX improvements, CG planets/ships).
Can't disagree more. I want as much of the original episodes to remain intact as possible.
Can't disagree with your disagreement more....
I've already paid for that once, thanks.
Just because they've wiped the figurative vasoline off the lens doesn't justify them charging me for the exact same product again.

I don't know why they couldn't have done what they did with the TOSR DVD, a double disc edition, one DVD with the original cut as we're getting now, in HD for the purists and a second remastered DVD that changes what needs to be changed, more than just the same stock shot 40 times an episode, adding ships, removing mistakes, tarting up the thing so it is doing something worthy of 21st century viewing technology.

On the transporter beam thing, its great that it looks more vivid but I'm surprised they didn't take an FX plate from a later season or something.
You can still see the "beam" particle miss parts of the body, particularly the feet which seemed to be left to their own devices to make their way to the destination of their own accord!

Its something they improved on with every series and I find instances like this, when the writers/producers intent hamstrung by the budgets/technology of the time isn't fixed by the opportunity 21st century technology allows frustrating in the extreme.
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