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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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The episode ["Sins of the Father"] suffers from the same grainy sections, and in some places looks washed out.
I'm watching it again right now, and I actually think "Sins of the Father" looks the best out of all three episodes (minus the upconverted bit). It has good deep blacks, bold color, and the most consistent and finest grain structure throughout. And it has a lot of great, dramatic lighting. And I LOVED how good "Encounter at Farpoint" looked!

I also appreciate they are using AVC compression on these instead of VC1 like TOS. TOS looked to be too DNR'd with a fair amount of dithering applied over that. This has what looks like original film grain, true to the source.

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I only skimmed thru The Inner Light and noticed the following things:

1. The grainyness in the entire episode is turned up twice as bad as the other episodes, sometimes 3 times as bad, to the point of being distracting. In the other episodes, it was only certain portion that suffered it. This episode seems to have grain in its entire length.
The bridge scenes still look a bit finer grained than the Kataan scenes. It's possible it was a stylistic choice by DP Marvin Rush. Perhaps he used a coarser grained film stock. It's at least clear he was using diffusion on the lens in those scenes. This is from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion:

The warm cinematography, designed to subtly imply the oncoming supernova of the Kataan sun, almost rivals that of "Family." What's amazing here, though, is that the exterior scenes of the Ressick community were all filmed on Stage 16 indoors; Marvin Rush's lighting can be credited for the beautiful illusion.
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