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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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It will be quite interesting to see what they do with the space creatures in "Galaxy's Child."

That definitely gives off the look of the CGI of the time. The texturing and lighting was terrible on that. Something tells me that was never put on film.
I suspect the CGI creatures in "Galaxy's Child" and any other time primitive CGI was used would've been done on videotape during the editing process. Even if it was done on film there's no way the CGI in those episodes would hold-up to HD. I suspect we'll see new CGI creature effects for "Junior."

I just watched "The Inner Light" and some of you must be watching this BD on an old console TV hooked up to your BD-Player through those old screw-in type connectors. I so no problems with the film-grain in this episode it looked perfect. Hell it almost looked too clear and perfect as the old-age makeup and appliances on Patrick Stewart didn't hold up very well to the high resolution.

But, then (and I hope CBS corrects this by the time Season 5 is released on Blu-Ray) I was really disappointed at whoever did the CGI Enterprise-D in The Inner Light. Right as soon as the teaser opens there's the shot of the D flying by with Picard's log entry, but that ship looked like Absolute CGI Garbage. I was reminded of the opening to the Voyager episode Blink of An Eye where you could tell that the Voyager was not the studio model, but a CGI ship. It was like a white shadow of the D flying by, and didn't have any of the depth that the physical model that appeared in the opening credits had, or when the D appeared briefly at the first return to the Enterprise. On the saucer, you know the lip on the underside where there are those two rows of rectangular boxes (I'm not too sure what they are for? Escape Pods?) running around the whole saucer, well on the CGI model I could just barely make them out, and yet on the SD DVD I could make those out just fine! Plus, just the way the ship came towards the screen looked like a very unfinished CGI design, or the way a Galaxy class ship might've looked at a distance on Bridge Commander or Armada from the late 1990's/early 2000's.

CBS Digital did such a fantastic, and way better job on the CGI for TOS-R than Eden FX did for Enterprise, that I was shocked at just how low quality this CGI D looked.
Yes those "rows of boxes" are escape pods. I didn't really notice any problems with the "CGI Enterprise" (assuming it was one) in any shots. But I suspect that as the project goes on the final versions will be more perfected. To put it bluntly, this sampler disc is probably very much a "rushed job" to give the idea of what they are doing.

I do think the "rainbow stars" just look odd and "too fake" during the warp shots. the colorization on them looks like someone just copy-and-pasted a couple pixel-wide segment of the color-selection menu in MS Paint. I certainly hope the warp-effects are changed in the final version of the episodes, something closer to what we saw on Voyager and Enterprise as the shows delved more into CGI.
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