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Re: Does It Get Better???

Yeah, I don't see how Wolf 359 would have been a remotely interesting simulation. Our starfleet officers playing the roles of.....other Starfleet officers at a battle that probably only lasted 5 minutes before all the Starfleet ships were torn apart? I'm not sure why that came to your mind.

I liked The Killing Game and thought it was a fun romp - they did WW2 which is a solid staple and nothing too extreme, the only thing I didn't like is how extensively the ship was gutted but it was back to perfect the next episode. I mean there is a point where you see the holodeck is 4 decks high and they'd ripped the ship up and practically made it into one giant holo-ship, its really taking the piss that the ship is perfect next episode and the first scene even takes place in a holodeck
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