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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm willing to give equipment or boffs (within reason) to a Lt or Lcdr that would be much better than the Fed starter pack.
Hey would you happen to have a male Human tactical boff and/or a female Betazoid science boff?

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So tomorrow marks the start of new items and content. The 2 year anniversary celebration starts, with a new reward for each of the 4 days you participate, plus you can do a mission to get the new Fed/KDF ships. Then the new FE begins the following Saturday (Feb 11), which should run for 5 missions. At long last, new content is almost here !!

I was also reading the latest Tribble release notes, and they are making some great changes, including increasing the drop rate of the rare STF drops.

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Since I've alast mentioned the Odyssey they've nerfed it, so I'm now less enthusiastic about getting it. I'll still do the shakedown, I just doubt I'll ever fly her after that.
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I give her a go... you never know if she will get a balance pass after release... for all we know people hate her and no one flies her, then she must get a power bump of some sort.
From what I hear its good and tanking but no so good at damage dealing which is causing a small battle between players who want it to be a Super Assultcruiser and those who want to to stay a Super Starcruiser.
It'd be nice if it at least had the turn rate of a normal star cruiser, which is 7. However I still laugh that the 124 year old Excelsior design is still the best cruiser in STO. Sod those Galaxy, Sovereign and 2409 starship designs....
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