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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

GalaxyX wrote: View Post
The coloured starfield looks way too fake. I would have kept the stars as white streaks like they had in EaF, they looked 10 times better.
I totally, 100% agree. Ideally, consistency would be great, so hopefully they decide to go with white streaks throughout.

davejames wrote: View Post
Unfortunately the great picture and sound also made it a LOT more apparent that the actors were walking around on nothing but a bunch of wooden soundstages
I kept my eye on the ‘sky’ as Riker walks to the end of the mall for transport in EaF. I thought the ‘sky’ effects from the first couple of seasons were so plain and so clearly a soundstage. I realize toying with the sky to make it look more like a sky would be going outside their rules, but it’s not straying too far to me if you consider they technically toyed with the town in “The Inner Light.”

Tosk wrote: View Post
If the two ships are frozen in place with a sideways-moving starfield, then's always been like that. (Actually, in the original the Klingon ship drifts ever so slightly compared to the Enterprise.)
Yeah, I stand corrected. It looks about as bad in the original.

Tosk wrote: View Post
Why do I foresee a lot of "Why did they ruin it?!" threads that are actually about shots that stayed basically the same?
Good point. With regards to the reuse of the EaF Enterprise shot in SofF though, there seemed to be something off with that shot itself (I knew it was a reuse). I’m not sure what it was; I almost want to say the ship seemed to skew unnaturally for a split second. I haven’t seen a comment on this so I guess it was a 2 AM hallucination?

Jefferies wrote: View Post
In conclusion, I stand in awe of what CBS has accomplished here. If EaF is anything to go by Seasons One and Two might be looking at a re-invention. The remastering might even rescue them from the pits of fandom scorn and disdain in which they have lingered for so long.

davejames wrote: View Post
"Shit" I think is going a bit far. The ships are definitely a bit too static, but they still look like real ships. And it's such a brief shot that it's hard for me to get all THAT worked up over it.
Yeah, that probably sounded like I was getting worked up, but I was just reusing the language of a previous poster. It was a disappointment, but in retrospect, it was one of the few effect shots where I knew ahead of time that something might be off, so it’s probably not fair of me to bash it that much.

roliver wrote: View Post
The ships are fine, it's the bizarre moving starfield that makes no sense and results in a very strange shot that pulls you out of the episode.

Which brings up the obvious question...will they do further tweaks to the episodes on the sampler (for the season sets) based on fan reaction, or are these ones it?
Not that they should simply submit to fan demands, but with this sampler, they actually have a rare chance to get *broad* feedback before a finished product goes out. I mean, if 95% of people have an issue with something, then would it hurt to take it into consideration?

Other thoughts:

The Enterprise delivering the energy beam: I thought this was a big improvement on the original. I agree with those who said the angle was a terrible choice, but if they are determined to stay with what was originally there, then they did about as good as I think they can do with that. The shot (before remaster) looked quite bad: like a painting of the Enterprise with a beam coming out of it.

Transporter effects: I thought they looked great. Different people have different priorities, but reflections on the floor (or lack thereof) weren’t a big deal for me.

A plot point I never noticed before during “The Inner Light”: does anyone else find it hilarious that both Picard’s wife and best friend just let him walk off into the hills after having a fever and asking such questions as, “WHAT PLANET AM I ON?” Are you kidding me?!
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