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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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I much prefer the old way of doing things (Matte Paintings, Models) to CGI everything of today, its all held up so well in the transition to HD whereas CGI done 10 years later will stay SD forever and look worse.
CGI from 10 years ago would look about the same in non-HD, from 15 years, ago not too bad. Jurassic Park still holds up at almost 19 years, and Voyager's first CGI had 6 times the detail of those dinosaurs in 1995, just two years later. Also, it wouldn't be SD forever, since they could re-do it. In particular, CGI mattes are usually way above the quality of most 2D matte paintings.

Once CGI reaches a certain level or rez that matches what we watch today and what it was designed for, it'll look no different than models. We're practically there now anyway...Hobbit and Avatar 2 will be shot in 4k and 64fps, you'll never have to tinker with the FX. Look at low or medium budget physical model work from the 90s and 80s, they look pretty bad too, they could use makeovers...George Lucas even realized this with his work. So this idea that models and paintings are inherently superior is silly.
Well imho anything but the very top level of CGI (which includes the spectacular 1993 JP effort) suffer from uncanny valley - they are blatantly computer generated and fake looking because they can't quite get it right. Models never have this issue because they are real, and highly detailed models look real and give a sense of scale that CGI does not.

Not all CGI is guilty of this, there are lots of examples of CGI that does not suffer from looking blatantly computer generated and 'fake' but this does not include any CGI from Star Trek TV shows imho. It is a shame they could not have used models all the way until the end of Enterprise... but nvm! all imho.

Its also great to go behind the scenes and see how they made the practical effects back in the day and actually see all the physical models and paintings, whereas now its just a bunch of folks sitting at a computer manipulating polygons Those models and paintings still exist somewhere but all those old CGI files and textures are long gone. Could you imagine TMP spacedock sequences being replaced with CGI? No way!
BSG used CG quite convincingly for its ships. I don't know if it was the modelling, lighting, or what, but it's well within the grasp of a TV budget now.
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