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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Bond tells her that he’s totally lost faith, he didn’t say what in, just that he has no faith. This is followed by shots of a horse and carriage and loads of coffins. It goes back to Harris who tells Bond that he needs to continue to fight, for the good of the country. Bond mentions that he always is fighting, even though he has nothing worth living for.
Hmm...seems rather reminiscent of the scene in Casino Royale (the book), when Bond, in the hospital, confides to Mathis on how he can no longer see his job through the lens of "we're good, they're bad". (Note: in the book, it is Bond, not Mathis, who remarks that "the heroes and villains--they get all mixed up.")

Mathis's advice is, "Surround yourself with people--they are easier to fight for than principles. Only...don't become human yourself. We would lose such a wonderful machine."

He was wearing a black jacket and gloves. Like the end of Quantum of Solace.
Hmm--kinda gives new meaning to the ending of QoS: "I need you back." "I never left...."
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