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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

The only real problem I had with this episode is how preachy it got with Bashir being ridicuously naive. Plus there is disparity in that Sisko says the Bell Riots will bring about much needed welfare and socio-economic reforms (perhaps from the crash of 08'; bleeding banksters and squid...), and then only thirty years later comes world war 3 and mankind takes many steps backwards.

It seemed things got worse before they got better, though maybe Sisko was refering to laws passed after the Bell Riots that were the precursor for global government laws designed to eliminate poverty, hunger, want, oppression and inequality. I dunno... But the episode was spot on when Europe said it was in shambles...

Hell Europe is already halfway there with the Euro debt crisis, so does that mean all EU leaders are not big fans of this episode? Perhaps Prophet Benny did really forsee the future...

This episode was good, and it brought up some good morale points, but it had to hit you on the head with a sledge hammer just to drive the message home... So a good call TheGodBen.
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