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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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2) Some fleets have experienced problems with the influx of f2p players. Not saying that all are bad. Like anything else you'll get the good with the bad. You just loosened up the bank permissions. Just make sure that we don't get cleaned out.
Shouldn't be a problem, any fleet that cleaned out is stupid and frankly, deserves it. They make it very easy to set levels of access to the bank, and if you don't use them, your fault.

We are pretty well set, the lower ranks are very limited, the mid ranks are limited to the blue tabs, and the higher-ups even have limits on the purple tab, excepting our fleet admiral and whatnot. Not only limits which tabs you can get, but how many things you can take in a day, so with both of those in place, you can only screw yourself over. Either didn't set any limits for the stuff worth stealing, or promoted randoms way too far, too fast, and got it that way. Outside of Timelord, the quartermaster, and maybe 1-2 others, no one COULD clean us out. think the worst that could happen is we lose a handful of blue items.

see all kinds of angsty threads in the STO forum, but what action should STO take? They gave you the ability to protect it, you chose not to. All the 'thief' did is use the bank at the permission level you allowed them to. If it's set for any fleet member to take up to 100 items, can't get upset if 100 items are taken. Idiots...
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