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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I upgraded my video to 1GB of DDR3 RAM and it increased my enjoyment of the game immensely.
I bet. I've never been much of a graphics guy, but there's definitely that extra immersion factor that the bigger X-plozions bring to a game like this.

The nice thing is that it still manages to look great without needing a lot of cpu/gpu muscle. I can run the game at max on my lap-top with little or no issues.

There are MMOs that I've tried that came out around the same time that I have to run lower settings just to play.

In STO, Vulcans don't make good science officers.
Not really sure how Cryptic managed to screw this one up. I guess they figured the narrator wouldn't have made a good science officer. He is a politician after all.

OTOH I wonder just how much the race characteristics really play into the game mechanic. Seems to me the only people they should really make a difference to are min/maxers and RPers.

One of my daughter's characters is a Vulcan sci/doctor. She's intergrated that character into some of her projects at school.
Interesting. Did she write an RP story about her or something?

I think you're doing a swell job on the bank. However, I don't think we should stock for anything below Cmdr level. If a Lt or Lcdr fleet member needs something they just ask one of the officers. I'm willing to give equipment or boffs (within reason) to a Lt or Lcdr that would be much better than the Fed starter pack.
I peaked in there for the first time Monday morning and was surprised at how organized it was. In my experience guild banks tend to be a bit ... messy.

There was a few purples in there that a started salivating over, but I hate taking stuff without asking and besides I'm close to dinging Commander so they likely wouldn't get a lot of use.

I'm starting to wonder about Boffs though. It's not that I don't like the ones I have--I've become quite attached to them. It's just that every single one is either Trill or Andorian. I'm starting to think my captain (Trill) is a bit of a bigot.
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