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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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• Denise Crosby’s acting is very, very terrible. How did she get the part?
To be fair, I think the problem in Farpoint is more that Crosby and Sirtis were both directed to be WAAAY more intense and over the top than they needed to be.

Yar's anger at Q came across convincingly; it was just way too big and outsized for the scene it was in. And for that, I blame the director.

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Re: opening Enterprise-Bird of Prey shot: Definitely put me in the camp of 'looks like shit,' or as we say in Scotland, 'looks like shite.'
"Shit" I think is going a bit far. The ships are definitely a bit too static, but they still look like real ships. And it's such a brief shot that it's hard for me to get all THAT worked up over it.

Hell, there are a couple moving shots of the Enterprise that I find less impressive than that matte painting.
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