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Re: Does It Get Better???

Wow. To each his own, I guess, but I absolutely loved The Killing Game.

I guess I knew your score was going to be low based on the fact that for you, the high point was Neelix and the Klingons. I'm surprised you don't point out that the episode would have been better if the Klingon simulation had been the Khitomer Massacre.

I also disagree that a simulation of Wolf 359 would have been a better scenario than WWII. The whole point of the Hirogen choosing WWII from Earth's databases was that the Nazis and the Allies were fairly evenly matched, and that the Nazis eventually lose the war. The Hirogen like a challenge, so they take on the role of the antagonists (also, its TV, so we want to see the bad guys portraying bad guys). If they had done Wolf 359, the Borg had one cube and completely wiped out an entire fleet of starships (40, at least) in a few hours. Not much of a "fight". Also, that would have been expensive graphics-wise.

Also, I feel you're being overly critical by down-rating this episode solely because they chose a WWII battle instead of a Borg massacre. Also, your criticism that it humanized them only makes the Hirogen more well-rounded, a quality that is sorely lacking in most villains.

Seeing the holodeck spill out into the ship, with holgrams running down the halls was an amazing plot turn.
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