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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Fascination (**)
Now that you've heard what I have to say, please feel free to attack me and my diminished credibility. But please, leave my family out of it, they don't deserve to be punished for my mistakes.
I agree with you, what saved Fascination was all that kissing, and O'Brien grovelling to Keiko. I can also safely say that this episode is where Alexander Siddig and Nana Visitor began their relationship. They seemed to enjoy the kissing rather a lot... Good stuff... But yeah this episode had a weird feel to it.

It was like the episode was on drugs and all I distinctly remember was Lwaxana spinning Odo around, and Kira in that nice looking dress in front of that fire thingy to burn your bad memories or karma (or was it burn stuff to wish more similar stuff to come back?). Every one of those writers must have been blottoed, blottoed and blottoed when this weird farce/romp of an episode came about.

Who said free-flowing camera shots started in Star Trek with JJ Abrams? This episode was chock full of them, and they messed around with the colours, just like JJ messes around with his lense flares...
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