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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Have watched the new EaF and have peaked at SotF and TIL.

Regarding Farpoint: WOW!!! I'm blown away at the improvement in the presentation of this episode. The picture quality is a revelation and it has transformed my perception of this episode. I never really warmed to EaF. First seeing it when TNG was in its 6th season, it always felt tremendously unpolished and piecemeal. Granted the editing is a bit inconsistent with the flow of the story, but my oh my does this episode look pristine. It is the first time I truly enjoyed every second of it, which is something I never thought possible. What a great achievement! I take my hat of to the people working on this project and to CBS for making it possible.

The other two episodes seem to decrease in the flawlessness of their presentation the further we get away from EaF. Grain increases substantially once we get to TIL as others have already pointed out. Also, there appear to be more shots that look more blurry and washed out (this is only when seen relative to the HD material not the SD of course). However, I found most of these issues could be fixed by adjusting some of the settings on my screen. Overall though these episodes are also vastly improved.

Some of the criticism about some of the composite effect shots allude me. At no point during my viewing was I put off by anything that I saw with the small exception of the opening shot of SotF. This shot is strangely static giving it a rather jarring unnatural feel. However, it only lasts a few seconds so I won't complain about it.

In conclusion, I stand in awe of what CBS has accomplished here. If EaF is anything to go by Seasons One and Two might be looking at a re-invention. The remastering might even rescue them from the pits of fandom scorn and disdain in which they have lingered for so long.
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