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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Solo players - By joining a fleet, you can benefit from the experience of other players. It also makes it easier to find someone to help you complete a mission. Belonging to a fleet also provides benefits in banking and crafting.

Timelord - Good message and timely too. Just a couple of issues to consider:
1) I recommend that purple items only occupy one or two repositories of the fleet bank. Some good players get greedy when they see purple. The majority of the bank should be blue items which are very useful.
2) Some fleets have experienced problems with the influx of f2p players. Not saying that all are bad. Like anything else you'll get the good with the bad. You just loosened up the bank permissions. Just make sure that we don't get cleaned out.
3) Perhaps sometime after the anniversary party, I can run some events. Especially the Defari Invasions. (I'm still looking for that goliath werewolf Borg.) I love shooting the Borg. Sometimes I get all Dirty Harry on them. I could also do any of the Featured Episodes.

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