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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Re: opening Enterprise-Bird of Prey shot: Definitely put me in the camp of 'looks like shit,' or as we say in Scotland, 'looks like shite.' This was the one of only two shots that struck me as instantly disappointing. Granted, I had read a few comments on here before watching, so I was actually looking for the moving star field. Would I have caught it otherwise? I think I would have (others obviously did). It just looks very odd. I'd like to hear the speculation on why they did that (the original wasn't like that, was it?)
If the two ships are frozen in place with a sideways-moving starfield, then's always been like that. (Actually, in the original the Klingon ship drifts ever so slightly compared to the Enterprise.)

The other 'instantly disappointing' shot: the Enterprise pulling away at 1/3 impulse and disappearing to the right of the frame (if memory serves, it's toward the beginning of the episode). That looked weird, mainly because it looked like they were getting ready to warp the hell out of there. Again, was the original shot like that?
Yes. (Originally shot for Encounter at Farpoint. They turn quickly and zip off to try to outrun/escape the Q net.)

Why do I foresee a lot of "Why did they ruin it?!" threads that are actually about shots that stayed basically the same?

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