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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

There seem to be quite a few new players around here who are playing solo.

And I suspct some of them are only lurking.

I would liek to invite you all to join our little STO community in game.

The TrekBBS Armada

Unlike not too long ago, where it was just a very small core player base, we seem to always have merely a small number of players on.
If we can manage to up our numbers a bit more we should be able to reach some very useful synergy effects that will make the game much much more enjoyable for old and new players alike.

Everyone can benefit from the veteran's experience, our high quality fleet bank full of rare items and generally more fun of group play.

Playing in premade teams tends to get you better rewards, higher success rates in STFs and in some missions extra accolades you can not achieve on your own.

My goals for the next year:

Up the bank's quality even more. We have now exclusively rare items. Pure purples would be beyond awesome.

Run more events and fleet actions: These could range from quick STF runs and PvP matches to mission replays (FE episode series as well as good story arcs like the Best of Klingon/Romulan/ Cardassian Fronts).

What has kept me in this game for more then 2 years is not the game's content mainly (which is good for the most part), it's this community.

The fleet exists to provide that same benefit for all TrekBBS members and works only with an active membership.

Joining alone will go a long way to help achieve that.

(God, I sound like a drafting guy for the military!!! But you get the idea)

Anyway, to get into the fleet snet me or any member a pm with your ingame name, looking like this: name@handle (Thafool@Timelord_Victorious)

Or post the request into the TrekBBS fleet thread also stickied in this forum or send me or any member in game a message.

Edit: One more thing. While the TrekBBS Armada is primarily this board representation in game and with an exception or two consisting of only members, you can also go ahead and invite friends you have in game to the fleet.
That way they, too, benefit from a great community and fleet perks.
And they ,too, should be able to gain full membership status to not feel like a third warp nacelle.
However Veteran (Officer) status will remain a board membership perk.
Anyone becoming an active board member through the TrekBBS Armada will get the proper fleet promotion then, of course.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!

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