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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Okay, I've watched "Farpoint" and "Sins" so far.

I forgive Rick Berman for killing the Enterprise D -- because she's been resurrected. She looks absolutely amazing. The best shot for me was the shot where the stardrive pulls away from the saucer, does a 180 degree turn, swings right by the camera, and then warps away. An amazing feature-quality shot that we can finally fully appreciate. The worst shot was of the Enterprise delivering the energy beam, but I don't mind the occasional stinker. The original was a pretty crappy shot.

What floored me right off the bat was the first/second season main title sequence. It looks exactly the same as the old version, only with greater resolution. I assumed those were old CG planets that would have to be replaced. Either those were actually somehow reusable film elements or the FX team has done something I didn't think possible. The third season titles seemed a little different, but without a side-by-side comparison of every element I'd be stumped to tell you exactly what it was. As someone already mentioned, the starfield is more visible through the jack-o-lantern planet's rings than it was before, but I don't know if it's just more noticeable now because of the greater resolution.

The live action was great. I didn't mind the grain a bit, although I haven't seen "Inner Light" yet.

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Also the scenes of the Farpoint Station looked like enhanced matte paintings, but they still looked like matte paintings. The rocks in particular looked paintbrushed.
Farpoint and the planet surface was a physical model, not a painting. The only part of that I think was a painting was the sky. I thought the model looked great, full of detail that I couldn't quite make out before.
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