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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Howdy folks.

It's 4:16am here, and I just got done watching all three episodes.

Quick story on how badly I wanted to see this: I ordered 2-day delivery on Amazon, but it wasn't here by the time I went to work (2pm), so I ended up going and buying it at Walmart after work (10pm). I didn't think they'd even carry it (Target didn't), so I was very relieved when I saw it on the shelf. Either Walmart will be getting my Amazon copy as a return or Amazon will be getting it back.

I'm only going to post a few quick comments right now, but I'll definitely post some more stuff later. More than likely, I will rewatch parts of the episodes again in the next few days.

Overall comments: stunned, surprised, and elated at the picture quality. As someone said, I think some people underreported just how amazing the picture looks. I will definitely be buying all of the season sets - even the first one, which I thought was the most average by far. I can't wait to watch every episode with this beautiful picture quality.

Encounter at Farpoint
Very impressed overall. I'm not sure if it was in the original shot or not, but something that stood out to me was the shadow cast on the Enterprise by the mass of the alien ship towards the end of the episode. This is not a huge deal I realize, but it hasn't been commented on as much as the other stuff.

Sins of the Father
Re: opening Enterprise-Bird of Prey shot: Definitely put me in the camp of 'looks like shit,' or as we say in Scotland, 'looks like shite.' This was the one of only two shots that struck me as instantly disappointing. Granted, I had read a few comments on here before watching, so I was actually looking for the moving star field. Would I have caught it otherwise? I think I would have (others obviously did). It just looks very odd. I'd like to hear the speculation on why they did that (the original wasn't like that, was it?)

The other 'instantly disappointing' shot: the Enterprise pulling away at 1/3 impulse and disappearing to the right of the frame (if memory serves, it's toward the beginning of the episode). That looked weird, mainly because it looked like they were getting ready to warp the hell out of there. Again, was the original shot like that?

The Inner Light
You hear people talk and talk about how good this episode is and I for one sometimes feel it's overrated...until you rewatch it. I've seen it several times now, and now that I'm a little older, it's actually having more of an effect on me. Such a good episode. Completely deserving of its praise.

I don't have much to comment on with regards to the updated effects, other than the shot of Picard looking at the village/town from the hillside - it looks good. It looked alright before, but very matte-paintingish.

I'm very excited for the upcoming season releases. More comments to follow in the next few days...
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